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      There are still many difficulties in power quality monitoring

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             At present, there are still many difficulties in power quality monitoring, with short duration. For example, the duration of some dynamic voltage quality problems is only a few milliseconds; The randomness of interference is strong, such as lightning strike, system fault, switching of some nonlinear loads, etc; Voltage and current waveforms are distorted; Real time monitoring is required. Because in the sensitive and strict load, the number and types of power quality deterioration are more and more.

             Power quality monitoring is the technical support to ensure the safe and reliable and economic high-quality operation of power system. It is an important means to ensure the safety and reliability of power grid and electrical equipment. Establishing a practical, advanced and reliable power quality monitoring network is of great significance to the safe, stable and economic operation of the power grid in order to timely analyze and reflect the power quality level of the power grid, find out the reasons affecting the power quality in the power grid and take corresponding measures.

             The power quality monitoring system monitors the full waveform of voltage and current in the operation of power supply and distribution system in real time, analyzes the harmonic status of voltage and current in the power grid in real time, provides reliable power grid operation related parameters for operation and maintenance personnel, and grasps the operation status of power grid at any time, so that before the operation of power supply and distribution system and electrical equipment fails, Grasp the early fault information, do preventive maintenance in time, improve the safety, reliability and economy of power supply of power system, and ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment.

             Moreover, the power quality online monitoring system also has the function of fault recording, which can record the power grid state at the time of fault. Through analysis, it provides detailed and reliable data and basis for judging the source of fault, analyzing and solving problems, which provides reliable technical support for solving power fault disputes.

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