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      The power quality online monitoring device can monitor 10 channels

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      To solve the problem of power quality, it is necessary to monitor the power quality parameters. The on-line power quality monitoring device is a device that integrates the functions of data acquisition, analysis, storage and communication. It can effectively monitor power quality and is of great significance to ensure the security, economy and reliability of power system operation.

      The power quality online monitoring device produced by our company can centrally monitor the electrical parameters of 10 channels. As we all know, the channel number of power quality monitoring device is an important technical parameter, and also an important factor affecting the price.

      The number of channels of the power quality monitoring device refers to a group of a, B and C three-phase voltages and a group of a, B and C three-phase currents. In short, the power quality online monitoring device needs to monitor several groups of voltages and currents. One group of three-phase voltages and one group of three-phase voltages are collectively referred to as one channel. The multichannel power quality monitoring device can be configured with multiple three-phase voltages and three-phase currents, which is flexible.

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