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      What is the purpose of power quality supervision and management

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      The power quality is directly related to the power supply safety and quality of the power system. If the power quality exceeds the standard, no matter what the parameter exceeds the standard, it may cause the abnormal operation of the electrical equipment. In serious cases, it may even damage the equipment, bringing many hazards.

      The purpose of power quality supervision and management is to ensure that the power quality index limit of public power grid is within the scope of national standards through the supervision and management of power generation, power supply and electricity consumption, so as to ensure the normal production and product quality of all walks of life in the national economy and the quality of people's life.

      Power quality monitoring is an important link to solve power quality problems. Power quality monitoring technology is the basic condition to realize online analysis of system events and accidents and power quality control, and is the technical support to ensure the safe, reliable, economical and high-quality operation of the power system.

      Monitoring power quality is mainly to understand power quality, detect and collect data on various power quality problems, classify power quality, master the production conditions of power quality problems, and take relevant measures to reduce the possible losses.

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